About The Artist

Hi! I’m DiAngele Augustus, DiAn Dviation on the web, and I’m a queer artist and storyteller living in Tucson, Arizona.  I’ve always loved art, and maybe a good story even more.  I spent my childhood filling my younger siblings ears with tall tales and plenty of pictures to go with them. Eventually I gave up the oral tradition to make “picture books” and comics in spiral notebooks that I carried everywhere.  That was my life as an artist until about 15 years ago when I began drawing, painting, and telling stories for the public.  

I went to a fine arts magnet school where we were encouraged to share our works no matter what we thought of them.  Aside from highschool, I received some formal art training in dry media techniques from Savannah College of Art and Design and Art Instruction Schools.  Most of what I’ve learned, though, is from drawing and working with other artists.  I worked hard to connect with others and found my art moving from the county fair show, to the local art museum, and into large exhibits at both state and national levels.   

My storytelling experience has been different.  I stuck to the spiral-bound notebook until I started reading blogs in my second go-round in college.  This was for a project I took on as part of my psychology degree at Kennesaw State University.  After I had completed it, I continued to read blogs.  Reading people’s personal journeys could be informative, or heartwarming, or entertaining.  Each post was a story, and suddenly years of scratching in spiral notebooks seemed silly.  I brought my stories to classes all over my campus through workshops hosted with a student organization I founded in 2011.  The group Non-Normative Anti-Assimilationist Students of Kennesaw State University was founded to create visibility for the many students at the university who were members of marginalized populations.  In our many talks I learned to use stories, some true some fiction, to educate, share, and empower.     

With my new comic, Indigo:Sisters, I’m attempting to combine art and storytelling in a way I haven’t since my childhood.  It’s my first ongoing digital art project, and I worked hard to make sure the storyline shared a bit of my experience in a way that could uplift and empower the reader.  I even tried to make it a little educational.  Since starting Indigo: Sisters I’ve been doing more art and telling stories around town for one purpose or another.  If you’re local to Tucson, you can find me at the local art fairs and pop-culture conventions.  ANd because of the magic of the internet anyone can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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