About Me

I’m DiAn Dviation and and I’m a queer artist and storyteller living in the southwest. My works deal with intersections in identity. I pull from aspects of my life and research to create stories. The story always comes first. The challenge of creating the still art piece then becomes what part of the story to show. I like to freeze and capture moments of juxtaposition or dissonance. This can be done in several mediums but most of my recent work has been in ink, acrylic, or rendered digitally. 

My current ongoing projects are all sequential. Approaching complex topics as comics allows me the freedom to explore and unpack the multiple issues related to them.  I enjoy creating art about underrepresented bodies, minds, and practices. While much of my art is inspired by events in my life I also borrow the stories of friends. Learning people’s personal journeys could be informative, or heartwarming, or entertaining.  

This is why I find it so important to share the stories of marginalized people. When I first began looking for stories about people like me I was met with mostly trauma that was shared to entertain others. The stories we wrote, for ourselves and one another, were difficult to find. I found many relatable stories being shared in poetry clubs. I still enjoy both performing and listening to spoken word. I’m also a fan of zines, chapbooks, and anthologies that showcase marginalized creators.  So long as there are stories there is always art to be created.

Much of my portfolio of works speaks about the reality of growing up in a confusing queer body, but also the escape of the fantasy world of the swamp. I enjoy rendering fluffy haired, dark eyed, dark skinned people in dreamy landscapes.  If you’re local to Tucson, you can find me at the local art fairs and pop-culture conventions.  And because of the magic of the internet anyone can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Diversity and inclusion Services

Are you running an art platform or working on a story with worries that you haven’t been the most inclusive? There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. In fact, its an important step that many people aren’t brave enough to take. I’d like to offer my services as a consultant or sensitivity reader and provide you with honest feedback from my life experience. I will also provide possible next steps to improving your work by helping you avoid unintentional -isms.

I can offer perspective and guidance on:
*Life as a Black American
*In-patient and out-patient psychiatric care
*Trans life including some aspects of transition
*LGBTIQ+ life
*many paths of witchcraft
*Many mental health issues

Please note that all my opinions come from lived experience, the experiences told to me by loved ones, and my time as a researcher.

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